Arif Nassor

Operations Manager

Born and raised in Zanzibar, Arif Suleiman Nassor looks at his island with a bird’s-eye view. His aim of putting Zanzibar’s Islands on the map was driven by curiosity and determination.

This was the his inspiration for his aerial photography company, Drone Zanzibar.

With lots of hours in the air discovering parts of the island never seen before, Arif has single-handedly marketed these beautiful island spots to his 19K+ Instagram followers.

Arif collaborates with many organisations; non-profit, and government institutions. He has developed skills and experience that have enabled him to be efficient in communicating and managing teams and projects.

He also studied medicine and received his medical diploma from the State University of Zanzibar. In 2020, he led a group of doctors from the non-profit Sheikh Zayed Foundation, helping thousands of Zanzibari people receive healthcare.