Julie Gunn

Communities Director

Born of Scottish parents in Zambia, Julie Gunn spent her first 12 years growing up in the African bush close to nature. Moving to Scotland after an African childhood was a shock that provided valuable insights into the cultural diversity that surrounds us.

Julie has a Masters in French, from the University of Edinburgh, and lived in France. The move and Masters provided the basis for a teaching career which enabled her bring up and travel with her two boys. She lived and taught in Paris, Malawi, and Spain.

Interested in women's issues, as founder member of a women's discussion group in Edinburgh, also of a university women's group at the University of Malawi, she created a course there called ‘Assertiveness for Girls’. Julie is co-founder of Women's Listening Global – live events have been held in Mombasa, Kenya, with a worldwide audience.

She believes we must support women to honour themselves and each other so that they can bring up healthy and balanced children. She also believes that we can easily do this with music, art and most importantly nature.

Julie also worked with her partner Ricardo Garcia in music, raising funds and managing his Flamenco shows worldwide and organising travel for groups. Additionally, she created children's workshops in Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America.