Rawan Ghanem

Executive Assistant to CEO

Rawan Ghanem is self-motivated, has excellent time management skills and a talent for setting up efficient systems. Her success stems from her commitment to company values and to her flawless organisation.

Rawan has worked in diverse fields and for two years, held the post as dministrative assistant to the Head of Library at Notre-Dame University in Louaizi, Lebanon. She also held a responsible post with her village’s municipality president, filing and archiving important government documents.

In 2015, Rawan taught at Dar Jana International School in Jeddah, KSA, and was involved with their events organising. She then became executive/personal assistant to the head of the Rotary Club in Lebanon who was also the General Manager for Watermaster, a company specialising in water treatment, water features, wellness, and pools, in domestic and public settings.

Rawan applies herself heart, soul, and mind to creating a successful and supportive work environment.