Sean Clifton

Chief Architect

Sean is a Director of Jestico + Whiles, a large architectural and interior design practice based in Prague and London.

We are delighted that Sean brings such precise experience and leadership to our local team. He completed the Zuri Hotel in Zanzibar, a five-star resort and arguably the island’s most captivating and well-built hotel. The project took four years to complete and was the first ever to be awarded an EarthCheck Gold Certificate for sustainability. This experience and local network have been integrated into Liberty Places.

Having completed many unique and award-winning international architectural and interior design commissions for a variety of building types, Sean has particularly broad international skills and experience for projects up to £250 million. Sean has led the design of many hotel, leisure and residential projects across the world including the award-winning Pokrovka Suite Hotel in Moscow. The hotel has 84 suites, with each suite category featuring a unique colour scheme and layout. The hotel has been described as the best five-star star hotel in Moscow, and was awarded the best hotel in Russia.

Sean has a particular passion for both site specific and sustainable design, and has recently completed ground-breaking master plans in Zanzibar, Prague, Moscow and Omsk for mixed-use communities. They incorporate over 2.5 million square metres of built area with unique solutions for a variety of public and private spaces. Current projects include four large scale holiday resorts in the Netherlands. These incorporate both sustainable architecture and interiors creating new biodiversity habitats within innovative newly landscaped areas of biotope ponds, canals and planted spaced. As a qualified Passivhaus Designer, Sean is currently responsible for the design of two residential communities which will be built to a Passivehaus standard.