Liberty Health Village

Traditional and Alternative Treatment in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a proud history using traditional and alternative medicines made from plants and spices found on the island. According to the World Health Organization, 80 per cent of the African population uses traditional treatments and demand for them is increasing.

Zanzibaris’ right to use traditional and alternative medicine is officially recognized and accepted by both the WHO and European Union, while Zanzibar’s Ministry for Health and Social Welfare advocates for their use and supports incorporating them into the national health system.

They are used on the island, alongside allopathic treatment, to prevent, diagnose, and treat both physical and mental ill health successfully, safely, and scientifically.

Liberty Health Village

The current western clinical model focuses on controlling symptoms not reversing them, often using a one-size fits all pathway. Pharmaceuticals successfully fought infectious diseases in the last century, but an integrative approach is needed now we face a global epidemic of chronic illness.

an integrative approach is needed now we face a global epidemic of chronic illness

Health care has not kept up with the complex needs of patients, frustrating doctors and healers unable to facilitate healthcare that results in the best outcome for them.

Liberty Health Village, Zanzibar, is being developed to support medical professionals in providing the best and most appropriate care for all patients, regardless of location, background, and income.

It is also for patients who want a holistic, functional medicine hub, and it embraces all healing methods; tailored for each individual. No referred patient will go untreated.