Liberty Places

Liberty is a prerequisite in any society.

It must be at the centre of the best design and the heartbeat of every community.

Liberty Places is a full-service consulting, architectural and development company with a strong focus on self-sufficient living. Resident in the islands of Zanzibar, we offer investors the opportunity to design a life with liberty at its core.

Our team of international architects, designers, lawyers, and property development experts are here to ensure a restorative environment which aligns with your values. Our vision: to protect your way of life through beautiful architecture.

  • Sustainable Development
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Personal sovereignty

Because your freedoms are non-negotiable


Our vision is progressive: to lead the design of decentralised community estates. Employing the latest sustainable solutions, and financial technologies, we will allow our clients and investors to enjoy a lifestyle that is autonomous, secure, and free.


Liberty Places offers our investors a stake in a community that cherishes liberty and the sovereignty of the individual - ideals that are in need of affirming during these times. Motored by a concern for our freedoms, and powered by renewable energies, we have created a lifestyle for those seeking an environment that abounds in beauty and that affords a space in which self-determination can be made a reality.


Investors looking for a sustainable home in harmony with its environment need look no further than Liberty Places. Our properties retain the aesthetic charms of traditional Zanzibari architecture, but enjoy the use of sustainable materials and self-sufficient design.