Pemba Octagon Estate

Octagon Villa Complex

Available in both single and duplex forms, the Octagon villa has a unique shape and enjoys a 360-degree view of taking in the ocean and Zanzibar’s lush vegetation. Wrap-around terraces allow residents to move seamlessly with the sun, and a raised, stilted design, built from impermeable hardwoods, will keep the villa from damaging the island’s flora and fauna underneath. The Octagon villa achieves that rare, desired thing: a sustainable fusion of building and landscape.

The Octagon Condo

Taking the Octagon villa as an ideal design blueprint for a sustainable development commensurate with its environment, the Octagon condo adapts the villa by subdividing it into various condo types. Floor plans start at 60 square meters for a one-bed condo and extend to 150 square meters for a two-bed duplex.

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