Our developments meet the expectations of modern investors whilst retaining a harmony with traditional Zanzibari architecture. Sourcing materials sustainably; our villa and condo homes enjoy a self-sufficient design that melds beautifully with the island’s natural environment and climate.


Investors looking for a sustainable home in harmony with its environment need look no further than Liberty Places. Our properties retain the aesthetic charms of traditional Zanzibari architecture and enjoy the use of sustainable materials and self-sufficient design.


Despite Zanzibar’s abundance of natural /assets, it falls behind its Caribbean cousins in terms of infrastructure by 50 years or so.

Our boundary-pushing projects will bridge this infrastructural gap to establish a sustainable community, largely powered by renewable energy.


Liberty Places offers investors a stake in a community that cherishes liberty and the sovereignty of the individual - ideals we need to affirm during these turbulent and unpredictable times.

Motivated by a concern for our freedoms, we are creating a lifestyle for those seeking a beautiful environment that affords a space in which self-sufficiency can be made a reality.